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For new craftspeople and also for exhibitors who want a second craft to be considered (i.e. Jewelers who are also photographers, fiber artists who also make ornaments etc.)

Jury New Crafts 2017 Application and Information

There are two dates to submit work for the 2017 Annual Exhibit and Sale:

  • August 4 for early entry
  • September 9 for late entry.

All Exhibitors’ work to the Annual Sale must be juried.

Invitations to exhibit are also mailed to all juried craftspeople as well as the directions to use this website.

Please note: all work that has not been juried will not be displayed or sold.

After your work has been accepted: There are two ways to download Annual Sale forms and instructions (word docs and pdf’s). Go to Annual Sale Forms page. We would like you to fill out these documents on your computer and email them back to us if you can, instead of printing them out and mailing them. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


2017 Sale Forms

  • Method #1:
  • Method #2:

Download these documents and follow the instructions described

Note: if you do not have the applications Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel to view these documents, please use method #2 below.

Download these PDF documents and follow the instructions described within.

Note: Please contact us if you have any problems accessing these files so that we can mail these documents to you. To do so email Wesleyan Potters at info@wesleyanpotters.com.