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By potters / 04/21/2017

Handcrafting Planters to Raise Funds for Our Pottery

Garden decor for the Spring Sale Our Key Members are preparing for the annual Spring Sale! Many of the activities...

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By potters / 04/08/2017

Handcrafted Custom Ceramic Dishes

Our artists here at the Pottery will create custom items for clients. Customers who attended our Annual Sale this past...

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By potters / 03/17/2017

Textile Heritage in Connecticut

One of the things artists find so intriguing and endearing about practicing a craft is that you are performing almost...

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By potters / 03/04/2017

Richard Aerni Pottery Glazing Workshop

  Nationally known potter, Richard Aerni's 3 day Workshop (March 17-19) on Cone 6 glazing at our Pottery is currently...

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By potters / 02/25/2017

See an artwork that you like? Don’t hesitate!

  We can all agree that collecting art may seem like a daunting task. Where do you go to see...

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By potters / 02/04/2017

Contemporary Ceramics in our Gallery

In the last few years, both functional and sculptural ceramics have had a worldwide renaissance.  Interest has increased for artist...

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By potters / 11/30/2016

What are you missing at the Annual Sale?

      Our 61st Annual Sale is OPEN! Patrons of our Annual Sale have been known to arrange their...

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By potters / 10/08/2016

Handcrafted Custom Home Decor

These days, artist and Pottery Key Member Saralyn Twomey is working on creating custom tiles for a couple who are...

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By potters / 10/01/2016

Participating in an Ancient Tradition

The crafts we engage in here at our school all have roots in ancient cultures here on our continent. Basket...

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By potters / 09/03/2016

Time for Class!

“School” is starting this week at the Pottery with our first fall classes! Actually, “school” never stops here! Not only do...

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By potters / 07/23/2016

Remember Summer?

Remember when summer held so much promise? In June, you had what seemed like months and months ahead to fill with...

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By potters / 07/09/2016

Five Reasons Why Handcrafted is Better

Do you feel lost if you don’t have a handcrafted pottery mug to drink your morning beverage from? Do you...

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By potters / 06/25/2016

Adero Willard’s Inspirations

This Wednesday, our Pottery will be welcoming Adero Willard, Ceramic Artist, to the Gallery for “Embodiment/Exploration” a one-woman show.  As...

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By potters / 06/04/2016

Why a Handcrafted Cup is More Than it Seems

This exceptional video by Charlie Cummings (see his channel here) features artist/teacher/author Pete Pinnell explaining how art is meant to...

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By potters / 05/28/2016

Kids and Art-a natural fit!

Wondering how to introduce your school aged kids to art? Not feeling artistic yourself? Bring the kids, old and young...

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By potters / 05/21/2016

The Art of the Teacher

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein Sharing knowledge...

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By potters / 04/24/2016

Buying Local Art = Positive Environmental Impact

This Earth Day weekend is the perfect time to shine a light on the environmental benefits of buying local reducing...

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