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By M R S / 05/17/2018

Indigo Dyeing with Janney Simpson

Students in classes at Wesleyan Potters often gather with their instructors to take part in extracurricular activities. These "extras" are...

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Bowl, Carol Teschke 11.25" L x 11.25" W x 2.5" H, glass, $95.00
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By M R S / 05/10/2018

Pricing Your Artwork–It’s Not as Mysterious as It Seems

Why Pricing Art Can Be Difficult Our Gallery/Shop is full of wonderful fine craft items, each of which was created...

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Elisa Eaton--Lizard Bowl, glazed and natural clay with oxides, Sold
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By M R S / 04/28/2018

10 Great Resources for Learning About Craft

The internet is a virtual haystack when you want to find the best of something quickly. Allow us to do...

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"Engagement Mugs," from "The Uncomfortable" collection of prototypes, Katerina Kamprani
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By M R S / 04/17/2018

Katerina Kamprani–Blurring the Line Between “Useless Art” and “Useful” Craft

As long people have discussed art, we have argued about what makes an object "art" and what makes it "craft." ...

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Handcrafted ceramic platter by John Lipsky.
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By M R S / 04/04/2018

Creating Ceramics Can Help Eleviate Depression

One of our favorite sites for learning about all things art and craft is artsy.net. Artsy posts online auctions, and publishes articles...

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Untitled Pussy ceramic sculpture, 2016, Emily Albee
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By M R S / 03/27/2018

Emily Albee, Wesleyan Potters Studio Manager, Explains Our Clay

At Wesleyan Potters, we sell several kinds of clay for our students and Members to use. In this video from...

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Large blue bowl 12", stoneware, 17318, $60, Arline Edmonds
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By M R S / 03/13/2018

A Home full of Handcrafted Art is a “Feel-Good Home”

The New York Times, always an arbiter of interesting art, recently featured an article on "Designing a Feel Good Home,"  featuring...

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Pendent, sterling silver precious metal clay and dichroic glass, Lisel Crowley
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By M R S / 02/19/2018

The Magic of Handcrafted Glass and Metal

So many magical things occur in art when material is heated then cooled. Clay, metal and glass become soft then...

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Wendell Castle in his studio fall 2017 Photo: Tina MacIntyre-Yee / @tyee23/sta)
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By M R S / 02/15/2018

Wendell Castle-Artist Who Crafted Sculpture To Sit On

On January 20th, the artist Wendell Castle died at his home in Scottsville, NY near Rochester. Fortunately for us, he...

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By M R S / 02/06/2018

Four Tips for Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for Valentines Day

Choosing a great piece of jewelry for that special Valentines gift doesn't need to be agonizing.  Consider these four guidelines...

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Silk Scarf in Fall Colors, Laurie Frenzel, Wesleyan Potters Key Member in Weaving
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By M R S / 01/26/2018

Laurie Frenzel, weaver is featured in Middletown Press

Did you know that some of the most finely hand-woven silk scarves and woolen blankets are available for sale in...

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Jewelry by Linda Jones
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By Liz Blodgett / 12/06/2017

Artist Spotlight: Linda Jones

Artist Spotlight:  Linda Jones     Key member Linda Jones of Inda Jewelry is a stand out in the Wesleyan...

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Hand painted ceramic bowl by potters Art and Cheryl Tuttle
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By M R S / 11/29/2017

Artists Spotlight: Art and Cheryl Tuttle

Wesleyan Potters has a history of having Key Members who are also significant others. Cheryl and Art Tuttle continue this...

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Teapot and Cup by Deborah Staub Luft
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By Liz Blodgett / 11/22/2017

Artist Spotlight: Deborah Staub Luft

Artist Spotlight: Deborah Staub Luft written by Kristin (Cricket) Carufe       Wesleyan Potters faculty member, Deborah Staub Luft,...

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Handwoven place mats and napkins Andrea Hames
Annual Sale, Blog, Fiber, Home Decor, Textiles, Unique Gifts, Weaving
By M R S / 11/17/2017

How do I Wash my New Handwoven Place Mats?

We used to only have only handcrafted textiles in our kitchen cabinets.  Although they might have been a similar design,...

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Emily Albee - Wesleyan Potters Studio Manager
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By Liz Blodgett / 11/15/2017

Welcome Emily Albee – Studio Manager

Emily Albee - Studio Manager written by Marcy LaBella   Welcome Emily Albee, the new Studio Manager at Wesleyan Potters! ...

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Boy wearing blue and purple shibori T-shirt
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By Liz Blodgett / 11/07/2017

Holiday Sale Featured Artist – Carolyn Gorman

Carolyn Gorman – Happy Souls Gallery - written by Marcy LaBella This year we are bringing in a clothing artist...

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These sterling silver earrings are an example of the more refined work of Deb Stephen.
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By M R S / 11/07/2017

Need Advice on Choosing Handcrafted Jewelry?

Marcy LaBella and Cheryl Tuttle, jewelry Key Members at Wesleyan Potters, give advice on how to buy high quality, handcrafted ...

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By M R S / 10/31/2017

Don’t Get Malled! Get Handcrafted Instead!

Have you fallen victim to newspaper, internet and TV ads shouting at you about impossible deals at the mall starting...

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Handcrafted ceramic platter by John Lipsky.
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By M R S / 10/25/2017

How Should I Care for My Handcrafted Jewelry/Pottery/Scarf?

Here in our Gallery/Shop and during the Annual Sale, we hear this question frequently.  Customers usually say something like, "Can...

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By M R S / 10/19/2017

Our Annual Sale is What To Do on Black Friday!

Only 6 weeks and 1 day until our 62nd Annual Sale begins on Friday, 11/24/17, ending on Sunday, December 10th...

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Metal sculpture by Key Member Kent Ritter
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By M R S / 10/05/2017

Wearing Your Personality: How Jewelry Reflects Who You Are

Men and Women have worn jewelry for millennia. But why? Because jewelry is a statement, of course, about your social...

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Chicken plate by Marcia Eager
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By M R S / 09/03/2017

Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate When You See an Artwork That You Like

We were reminded of this blog post from last February by a customer who stopped into the Shop today looking...

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By M R S / 08/24/2017

Handcrafted Functional Ceramics are More Popular Than Ever!

The current show in our Gallery features the functional pottery of  husband and wife ceramic artists John Macomber and Pat...

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A metalwork student rolls metal under the watchful eye of Key Member Kathy Prario
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By M R S / 08/06/2017

Everyone’s an Artist

"I'm not an artist!" How many times have you said that? Actually, everyone is born an artist. In Western society,...

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A variety of clay sculptures drying on shelves in the pottery. Will they be for the Annual Sale?
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By M R S / 07/29/2017

A Day in the Life of Our Pottery Studio

The pottery studio is a busy place! It's fun to come in the morning when it's quiet and look at...

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By M R S / 06/30/2017

Kids Love Art!

Summer classes at our Pottery are a great way for kids to keep up on their school skills , get away from electronic media, hang out with friends and give parents free time!

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By potters / 05/26/2017

How Art is Like a Fancy Cocktail

"I found across all these occupations is this renewed attention to detail," says Richard Ocejo, an associate professor of sociology...

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By potters / 05/19/2017

Why is that Pottery/Jewelry/Weaving So Expensive?

Everyone loves a “deal,” right? We rarely purchase anything that isn’t “on sale.” We love outsmarting the store, bargaining down a...

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By potters / 04/29/2017

Robert and the Wood Fired Portuguese Ceramic Beer Bottle

This week we return to the further adventures of Robert Riggs, our Ceramics Studio Manager, as he comes upon an...

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By potters / 04/26/2017

Robert and the Japanese Wood Fired Vase

Robert Riggs, our Studio Manager, is a master of all things pottery. From explaining how different clays will perform through applying...

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By potters / 04/21/2017

Handcrafting Planters to Raise Funds for Our Pottery

Garden decor for the Spring Sale Our Key Members are preparing for the annual Spring Sale! Many of the activities...

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By potters / 04/08/2017

Handcrafted Custom Ceramic Dishes

Our artists here at the Pottery will create custom items for clients. Customers who attended our Annual Sale this past...

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Blog, Textiles
By potters / 03/17/2017

Textile Heritage in Connecticut

One of the things artists find so intriguing and endearing about practicing a craft is that you are performing almost...

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Blog, Pottery Workshops
By potters / 03/04/2017

Richard Aerni Pottery Glazing Workshop

  Nationally known potter, Richard Aerni's 3 day Workshop (March 17-19) on Cone 6 glazing at our Pottery is currently...

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Blog, Ceramics, Craft, Fiber, Metalwork
By potters / 02/25/2017

See an artwork that you like? Don’t hesitate!

  We can all agree that collecting art may seem like a daunting task. Where do you go to see...

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Towers, Carnes, Dercole Ceramics Show
Blog, Ceramics, Design
By potters / 02/04/2017

Contemporary Ceramics in our Gallery

In the last few years, both functional and sculptural ceramics have had a worldwide renaissance.  Interest has increased for artist...

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Annual Sale, Blog, Ceramics, Fiber, Metalwork
By potters / 11/30/2016

What are you missing at the Annual Sale?

Our 61st Annual Sale is OPEN! Patrons of our Annual Sale have been known to arrange their Holiday plans in...

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Saralyn Twomey handcrafted home decor ceramics
Blog, Ceramics, Design, Home Decor
By potters / 10/08/2016

Handcrafted Custom Home Decor

These days, artist and Pottery Key Member Saralyn Twomey is working on creating custom tiles for a couple who are...

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By potters / 10/01/2016

Participating in an Ancient Tradition

The crafts we engage in here at our school all have roots in ancient cultures here on our continent. Basket...

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By potters / 09/03/2016

Time for Class!

“School” is starting this week at the Pottery with our first fall classes! Actually, “school” never stops here! Not only do...

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By potters / 07/23/2016

Remember Summer?

Remember when summer held so much promise? In June, you had what seemed like months and months ahead to fill with...

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By potters / 07/09/2016

Five Reasons Why Handcrafted is Better

Do you feel lost if you don’t have a handcrafted pottery mug to drink your morning beverage from? Do you...

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By potters / 06/25/2016

Adero Willard’s Inspirations

This Wednesday, our Pottery will be welcoming Adero Willard, Ceramic Artist, to the Gallery for “Embodiment/Exploration” a one-woman show.  As...

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By potters / 06/04/2016

Why a Handcrafted Cup is More Than it Seems

This exceptional video by Charlie Cummings (see his channel here) features artist/teacher/author Pete Pinnell explaining how art is meant to...

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Art, Art education, Blog, kids crafts
By potters / 05/28/2016

Kids and Art-a natural fit!

Wondering how to introduce your school aged kids to art? Not feeling artistic yourself? Bring the kids, old and young...

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Steve Loucks explains his methods for combining wheel thrown sections
Art education, Blog, Craft, Craft Classes
By potters / 05/21/2016

The Art of the Teacher

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein Sharing knowledge...

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By potters / 04/24/2016

Buying Local Art = Positive Environmental Impact

This Earth Day weekend is the perfect time to shine a light on the environmental benefits of buying local reducing...

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