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Allison Flores

Office Assistant

Allison Flores is a Connecticut native who has always been passionate about art and creative expression. In 2017 she graduated from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford with a major in ceramics and a minor in photography. She then completed a short-term Artist Residency with the Windsor High School’s Art Department in 2018 where she created a new body of work amongst the ceramics students, taught wheel throwing, and aided in critiques.  

Allison became the Social Media Intern for Wesleyan Potters in August 2018. Allison’s skills behind the camera and willingness to uplift the Wesleyan Potters’ community have combined to create something that goes beyond simply picking the right filter. By highlighting our diversity of craft mediums, ages, and backgrounds, she encourages others to see themselves here, exploring their passions too. Our social media provides a snapshot of the eclectic environment we work in, and preserves it for posterity; something incredibly valuable to an organization that has been thriving for 70 years.  

In September 2020, Allison transitioned into the role of Office Assistant where she manages the day to day needs of the organization, works directly with the education department to create our class schedules, and acts as registrar for all students. Additionally, she continues to run our social media.

Allison’s ceramic work is influenced by nature, her love for multiples, and her family. She wants her work to be a celebration of life and a call to use objects each day that bring us joy. Her current work explores functional forms thrown on the wheel and decorated by carving, adding sprigs, and sometimes both. The sprig-work began by making molds of her late grandmother’s jewelry. The sprigs are a record of life and a connection between the old and the new. With this work, she creates a legacy inspired by a key female figure in her life. By repurposing elements of her family history, Allison gives them new life in clay. 

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