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My first experience with clay was in a class at Wesleyan Potters instructed by Gary O’Neil in 1985. In that first class, I was inspired and excited about clay. It was amazing to me that Gary could take a lump of clay and make it into something beautiful in one easy swoop. He made it look so easy. I was encouraged to keep going and I finally ended up with a mug. Although clay isn’t predictable, I always felt it was going to turn out ok. After a long break, I went back to take another class with Gary. Ten plus years later, and several instructors later; I can’t get enough pottery. Although I make many different functional pieces of stoneware, my specialty is making mugs. I enjoy the handle of a good mug that feels like it is made especially for the person holding it. I enjoy using different glaze combinations always looking for the best and most interesting finish. I work on many collaborative projects with my wife who is also an artist. I have had my wares in many local galleries and at Wesleyan Potters for the last five years of being a key member.