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Cheryl Tuttle

Jewelry, Ceramic ArtistMember Since 2005

  1. Tell us about how you started in your craft.  Was there a person or event that lead you to try your craft?


 I was born a “maker”. My mother was very supportive of my art making early on in my life and she exposed me to Wesleyan Potters as a teen. 


  1. What inspires or influences your work?


 Nature, spirituality, and childhood memories.


  1. Tell us about your creative process. What techniques do you like to use to make your work?

 I work spontaneously and I enjoy making something beautiful out of found objects that become little treasures for me. 


  1. What are your favorite pieces to make? Is there a specific style you prefer to work in?

 My work is abstract expressionism. I love to make all mediums of art but if I was told I could only make one thing it would be mixed media painting. 



  1. Please add anything else you would like us to know about you and your work.

I am always exploring and learning. I see art possibilities in everything I see. 

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