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Denny Jones

JewelerMember Since 1985

I am a recreational potter and metalworker. For part of each day, I need to work with my hands. Long ago, I grew up in a small town across the street from a country blacksmith. Watching him shape metal was the beginning of my enjoyment of silver-smithing. I admire sculptors such as Alexander Calder and modernist 1950s Scandinavian metal artists/jewelers, though I cannot claim to live up to such inspirations.

My fascination with pottery making took root during a summer job when I travelled throughout much of Japan and Korea. Once, in rural Korea, I first witnessed the miracle of a primitive potter throwing clay pots on a kick wheel. In the far south of Japan, I ended up near a remote potter’s exhibit. The potter spoke excellent English and we talked for most of the day, largely about the making of pots. .

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