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Elaine Dimpelfeld

WeaverMember Since 2015

A friend of mine gave me his 4 harness loom and suggested I take a class. I was immediately hooked after one class at Wesleyan Potters.

I am very inspired by colors and look in multiple places for ideas: walks in the woods, the beach, painters, the garden. The colors of space, and the colors of the southwest inspired my last two works.

I generally start with an idea and then iterate designs on the computer, paper, or with windings of fiber. Once the project is on the loom, I also do a lot of sampling to get different ideas for colors combinations and patterns. Sometimes, my final results are very different from the original idea.

I like making scarves, runners, and towels the most. My style is mostly abstract although lately I have become more interested in adding things like words or animal figures to pieces.

I hope to try every weave structure and to find a way to make it my own.

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