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Heather Casale

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I suppose for me pottery really began as a love story. It all started when a friend brought me to the Wesleyan Potters Spring sale. I immediately became a collector filling my cabinets with handmade ceramics, year by year. However, It wasn’t until my partner signed us up for a Wesleyan Potters Date Night event that I realized that making pottery was in my wheel house. Since that evening I haven’t wanted to step away from my work or the clay medium. I find that when throwing on the wheel I become transported to a place where time pauses and my creativity is able to flow freely.

I have been so fortunate to have found myself within the learning community here at Wesleyan and be granted access to such talented faculty. Each instructor has taught me techniques which have allowed my skills to sharpen and my abilities to deepen. I do really enjoy trying all shapes and exploring various styles and methods. One of my favorite things is to bring in mixed arts from my other creative explorations such as my love of macramé and knitting. I enjoy getting lost in the details and decorative nuances. My work is mostly inspired by items that bring me joy, including nature within my surrounding world and various organic materials. Some of the things I currently enjoy playing with are creating serving sets with decorative accents such as carvings, slip trailing, glaze layers and experimental shapes. My ultimate goal is create items that will elicit the same joy with in you and your home space.

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