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Nancy Kalos

Basket Weaving

My basket weaving journey began shortly after my college graduation when I took classes with Manon-Lu Christ (wicker) and Sosse Baker (twill) at Wesleyan Potters. I was hooked. Over the next 40 years, my newly found hobby took me to annual basket weaving conferences in North Carolina, Connecticut and Stowe, VT.  At these gatherings, I was taught by wonderful instructors including Diane Stanton (flat-reed), Eric Taylor (ash), Judy Olney (twill), Flo Hoppe (wicker), Jackie Abrams (paper), Wendy Jensen (flat-reed), JoAnn Kelly Castos (ash), and Jo Campbell-Amsler, (willow) to name just a few. I was also fortunate to attend a week long class at the John Campbell Folk School in North Carolina where Sue and Bill Smith taught me how to create a market basket starting from an oak log.

After retiring from the corporate world in 2020, I started teaching basketry. The more I taught, the more it felt important to me to pass forward the skills I learned in recognition of those who taught them to me. I find it particularly rewarding to introduce young students to this craft. 

My goal is to inspire curiosity and creativity in my students. I thoroughly enjoy seeing my students’ reactions when they look at their finished product and are surprised at the beautiful work they were able to accomplish.

I am a member of both the Northeast Basketmakers Guild and the North Carolina Basketmakers Association.

I currently teach basketry at the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center and through local Adult Education programs.

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