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Priscilla Palumbo

PotterMember Since 1992

The journey I’ve taken with clay has been a true gift to me. When a piece “speaks” to those who purchase my work, I know that we have connected in a place that brings happiness to both. Even pieces I consider to be failures find a home because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

When I feel clay between my hands, I know it won’t judge me. The clay lets me have my way, even when it’s a bad day in the studio. I manage to translate what I envision in my mind’s eye to my fingertips to create the form. The clay rewards me when the finished piece exceeds all that I had envisioned.

Over the past decade, I’ve become obsessed with the sheer beauty of crystalline glazes. I spend many hours experimenting with various chemicals and colorants. In the kiln, I test different holds and temperatures to encourage the crystals to grow. There is so much more to do when working with crystalline glazes. Yet, I still pursue the perfect form to enhance and embrace the majestic crystalline glaze.

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