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Rachel McNamara


Rachel McNamara is a ceramic artist, gardener and all-embracing maker hailing from Manchester, Connecticut. Having recently joined Wesleyan Potters as an instructor, Rachel received a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramics in 2015 from Hartford Art School, along with an Associate’s degree in Fine Arts in 2012 from Manchester Community College and most recently a Certificate in Sustainable Nutrition from The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition. Rachel’s philosophy in her art practice is if you devote time, respect and mental space to any craft abundance will surely follow. Rachel considers her creative process to be a great act of play and experimentation, and encourages students to embrace the journey as much as the end product. Rachel has amassed experience in wheel thrown pottery, hand built pottery, mold making, slip casting, and various decorating techniques alongside her never-ending exploration of clay as a sculptural medium.

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