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FLASH - Kyle Johns Artist in Residence Show

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Wesleyan Potters Gallery Shop
350 South Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457

Kyle Johns was Wesleyan Potters 2022 Artist in Residence. FLASH features new work that Kyle made during his residency. FLASH is on view in person at the Wesleyan Potters Gallery Shop now through January 28, 2023. Click here for shop hours. 

Kyle Johns Artist Statement:

“Using the traditionally rigid process of mold making that is at the core of industrial production; I deconstruct and reassemble plaster mold positives to create a multitude of unique forms. The work is created organically, responding to the outcomes and limitations of the process and material. Through play, variation and modification, I look to change simple variables to create new methods and possibilities. I often reference domestic forms that are familiar, as a means to draw a broader connection to my work. These objects exist in the grey area between vessel and sculpture, and question the boundaries of design. Through my work I hope to explore the various degrees of function, from the practical to the sculptural, while generating new ideas for uses, forms, and processes.”


This show is made possible with the support of the Department of Economic and Community Development, the Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment of the Arts, a federal agency.


For more information and images of Kyle’s work please go to: