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Annual Sale Forms and Guidelines

Our Annual Exhibit and Sale is one of the oldest juried craft shows in New England, representing fine quality works by over 260 different local and nationally known craftspeople. We are navigating through pandemic uncertainties with the intention of maintaining holiday traditions while protecting our treasured community. We are looking forward to seeing new works by those artisans near and dear to us!  Please check back for updates on our upcoming 2022 Annual Sale. 

2022 Forms for participating craftspeople - coming soon!


Jury New Crafts

The 2022 Jury New Crafts Committee will meet to review applications and welcome new artists to our Annual Sale. We ask that applications and work be submitted by the dates below:


2022 Timeline for Submitting New Work

Jury New Crafts first submission deadline:  AUGUST 26   

work should be shipped or delivered to arrive August 22 - 26

Pick up work: August 29 - 30 between 10 am - 5 pm or schedule an appt.

Jury New Crafts Last submission deadline: SEPTEMBER 16   

work should be shipped or delivered to arrive September 12 - 16

Pick up work: September  19 - 20 between 10 am - 5 pm or schedule an appt.

Notification of the jury's decision will be BY MAIL approximately one week after the jury date. 

DATES FOR 2022 Participating Artists

October 3 - October 12 – Submit  Inventory Sheet, and 2022 Sale Form electronically only 

November 1 - November 8 – Shipped items to arrive between these dates

November 12 - 16 – Hand-delivered work

November 26 – Opening 10 am – 6 pm Gala Celebration

January 1 - 5 – Unsold work returned, picked up or shipped

Guidelines for Acceptable Artwork

Our guidelines for acceptable artwork are media specific, so please see below to determine which guidelines apply to your individual handicraft.