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Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Wesleyan Potters aims to provide volunteer opportunities for Youth looking to fulfill community service requirements or cap stone projects. Established as an artistic cooperative guild in 1948, Wesleyan Potters has been inspiring creative expression and the volunteer spirit for over 75 years. Operating under the premise that working together toward a common goal builds community and intergenerational connections, we encourage and welcome local youth to participate in our organization. Younger generations have the energy and idealism to propel us forward into a better world; we welcome that infusion of enthusiasm.

potential opportunities may include:

  • Working gallery openings
  • Helping with events and sales
  • Studio maintenance
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Teaching assistant for youth classes

If you are interested in applying for volunteer positions at Wesleyan Potters, please contact our office at 860.347.5925.