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Wesleyan Potters Refund Policy

The Pottery will retain a $20 processing fee for all refunds on classes that are held as scheduled. Tuition fees can be refunded if the student withdraws prior to two weeks before the beginning of classes, but the processing fee is not refundable. Thereafter, a refund for a student cancellation will be made only if the place the student holds in the class can be filled.

There are no refunds once a class has started. This includes absences due to unexpected events or personal circumstances such as illness.

Any deviation from Pottery rules may result in dismissal from class with no refund. Students are responsible for their own health and safety. The Pottery reserves the right to change instructors or cancel courses as necessary.

For classes cancelled due to weather or instructor illness, a make-up time will be scheduled. If in doubt of weather cancellations, call the office.