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Becoming a Key Member

Wesleyan Potters is a non-profit artistic guild which focuses on providing outstanding educational programs in handcrafted arts while simultaneously promoting community awareness and appreciation of fine crafts. Our organization strives to be a leader in the artisan craft movement and the visual arts. Our mission is to preserve and develop an appreciation for fine craft while ensuring that knowledge is available for future generations. We teach, value and preserve fine craftsmanship by offering a vibrant, creative environment that encourages and enriches both the student and the teachers.

The only way Wesleyan Potters is a viable operation is through the tremendous support of our Key Members. We believe that every member brings their own individual strengths and energy to help bolster our community as a whole. Without the skills, dedication and experience of our valuable cooperative members, this organization and the education we provide, would not be affordable for the vast majority of our students. While there are many studio models out there, our organization has been flourishing for over 75 years because of the power of our Key Members.

Key members provide a wide variety of services to our organization in exchange for the ability to further their creative endeavors in a welcoming and inclusive environment. If you are interested in applying, please refer to the Application Documents below. Paper copies can also be found on the small table outside the office door. 

Key Member Eligibility

In order to be eligible to become a Key Member, a student must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Have taken at least two years of classes, all within the last five years.
  • Show promise in and a commitment to developing their craft.
  • Have participated in studio events as a volunteer.
  • Have followed Wesleyan Potters’ code of conduct.
  • Show a cooperative spirit amongst students, teachers and members.
  • Respect the co-operative nature of this organization, its by-laws, and understand the value of individual contributions to its operation and success.
  • Be willing and able to fulfill the time commitment required of members.

Provisional Membership

Wesleyan Potters accepts applications for Key Membership in the spring of each year. Potential members must be sponsored by a current Key Member as well as procure a written recommendation from a Wesleyan Potters Instructor. Once the application and jury process are complete, future key members are offered a two-year provisional membership. This provisional membership is a prerequisite for full membership but is not a guarantee of full membership. Provisional membership entails all the privileges and responsibilities of full membership including a key to the building, use of our facilities whenever the studio is not being used as a classroom, discounted class tuition, pre-registration for classes and discounts on some supplies. In addition, provisional key members are able to sell their best work in our Annual Exhibit and Sale as well as our Gallery Shop.

Provisional members performance and participation is reviewed at the end of their first and second years based upon input from other members, committee chairs, craft representatives and sponsors. Wesleyan Potters is an independent, non-profit co-operative guild and our success is dependent upon the hard work, dedication and cooperation of our members. It is essential that our members be able to work within a group and are willing and able to devote much time and energy to its operation.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Commitment of at least 40 hours per year for committee work and/or activities necessary to the operation and success of the organization.
  • 20 hours during the planning and aftermath of the Annual Sale as well as at least 24 hours of time on the floor during the sale.
  • Respect and adherence to the by-laws and rules and regulations.

Membership Application Documents: