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Cecilia Roehl

Gallery Shop Assistant

When Cecilia was taking a pottery class at Wesleyan Potters back in 2010 or 2011, she would slip into the Gallery Shop to check out the variety of artwork on display. This led her to purchase a beautiful pottery vase and to an ongoing conversation with the then Gallery Shop Assistant, who encouraged her to apply for the job as she was leaving. Cecilia has been working at Wesleyan Potters’ Gallery Shop as one of its Assistants since following through on this advice. She has a varied background: retail sales, legal secretary, English teacher. She currently heads the School Committee at Glastonbury Arts, supervising program planning and advertising for its classes. Cecilia enjoys the community of friendly artisans at Wesleyan Potters. She is amazed with the continuous creativity that’s on display in the Gallery Shop and enjoys assisting customers to help find their perfect gift. She has dabbled in ceramic classes at Wesleyan Potters over the years. She is primarily an oil painter and lately, a printmaker. She is a graduate of the University of Washington and holds a degree in Fine Arts from Manchester Community College.

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