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Cheryl Tuttle

Jewelry, Youth Jewelry, Youth Ceramics

I have been an artist all my life. Using sticks, sand, spit, and berries; I imagined I was a famous painter decorating the woods that surrounded my childhood home. As an adult, I make pottery, jewelry, and I paint. I do this because it is my muse; my passion if you will. Other than my parents, my middle school and high school art teachers encouraged me to become an artist. I studied fine art and commercial design at Middlesex Community College; earned my BA in applied art from Charter Oak State College, a CT art teaching certification and a MA in education from Saint Joseph College. I have studied under several jewelry instructors, pottery instructors, and painting instructors. My work has been displayed at many local galleries, Wesleyan Potter’s gallery and annual sale, the State of Connecticut Capitol building, Manchester Community College, Middlesex Community College and at the Florence Griswold Museum’s gallery shop. My pottery is inspired by my whimsical childhood memories playing outside in the woods; the winding brook behind my house, tree forts, fireflies, and small forest plants we danced about in. My jewelry is a way to capture the memories of my dad’s rock collecting stories. I enjoy manipulating the metal in a way it isn’t necessarily expected to be moved; creating an organic feel for the final piece. Finally, my paintings are a glimpse into my mom’s beautiful flower gardens. My work is an eclectic collection of experiences.

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