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Kathy Hoar

PotterMember Since 1977

My journey with clay started in 1973. John Hull with the help of my husband, Paul, built a kick wheel in our basement. John gave me a bag of clay and I was forever hooked. Shortly there after, Lois Eldridge was offering classes in her home studio, which I eagerly took part in. She then encouraged me to take classes at Wesleyan Potters in Middletown, which I did for several years. I became a Wesleyan Potters key member in 1977. Lois has been an integral part of my journey, always encouraging me to try new directions. She was a dear friend and mentor to me.

Our family moved to St.Louis, MO in 1992. We were there for four wonderful years. I became affiliated with Craft Alliance, where I continued to take classes and workshops. We moved back to So.Glastonbury, into my childhood home. We made major renovations, one of which includes a pottery studio with a peaceful view of nothing but woods. My journey continues.

The bottom line is "I love working with clay".

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