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Laura Nadeau

JewelerMember Since 2008

I started in the chain gang! I had taken a pewter smithing class in high school and always wanted to go back and learn to make jewelry. So, I took a weekend workshop about loop-in-loop chain making. Perhaps predictably, we spent a good part of the weekend also singing chain songs! In my work, I like clean lines and things that have motion. I go for curves rather than straight lines every time (perhaps straight lines are too precise for me?)

Although I’m not certain I have a process, I guess each of my pieces start with a key element such as a stone, a shape, or some color. I then build around that. Sometimes where I end up is very different from what I envisioned at the start.

I like to challenge myself. I especially like to make hollow forms, but I have a hard time giving them up once I make them! Often when I tell myself I’m going to make something simple and quick, those pieces usually end up being the most complicated to create.

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