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Melody Wnuk

PotterMember since 2023

I spent my childhood in rural West Virginia, playing on the banks of the Little Coal River and making lots of mud pies.  I never considered myself artistic or creative, but I always wanted to try throwing on a pottery wheel because it looked like so much fun.  I took my first class at Wesleyan Potters in 2018 and I was hooked.  Since then, I have taken a lot of classes, and spent countless hours in the studio practicing the basics of throwing, trimming, hand building, and glazing.  I love looking at other artists' work for inspiration.  Most recently, I have been experimenting with colorful cone 6 glaze combinations, underglazes, and decals.  The possibilities are endless!

The staff, instructors, my fellow key members, and students are all so friendly and helpful. It truly is a community of artists who enjoy sharing their knowledge and learning from one another.

Wesleyan Potters has become my happy place!

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