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Rebecca Brewer

PotterMember Since 2019

I have always liked handmade pottery, preferring to buy it as a memento when traveling rather than other “tourist souvenirs”. When a friend mentioned taking a pottery class, I was hooked from the beginning and have stayed with it since that first class. I jumped in headfirst to learn the craft and unlock all of the potential for expressing my creative side.

My inspirations for pottery have been many, including veterans in the industry, start-up online pottery gurus and fellow members and students. Everyone has something to give. I have incorporated various techniques that I’ve learned from all of these influences.

I play with color and decoration, preferring simple pottery forms as a canvas on which to showcase a beautiful glaze or quirky animal/floral design. I often experiment with texture and the different techniques used to apply it. I like to make functional pieces with a decorative flair. These can be enjoyed as part of everyday life or displayed as a focal point in the home.