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Cricket Carufe

PotterMember Since 2017

I am a math and science girl. I graduated with a Bachelors in math, and a concentration in computer science.  Though I come from a pretty artistic “stock,” I always considered myself to be the logical, orderly one while believing my older sister was the one blessed with our familial, free spirited, creative nature.

And yet, I have wanted to be a potter for as long as I can remember.

My mother was a potter, as was her father before her.  My grandfather gave up pottery to support his family as a doctor.  My mother moved on to the social services, dismantling her home studio long before I ever got to put my young hands into her clay.

And yet, the seed of my secret desire was planted.

Life has a way of steering us in certain directions and mine took me toward what I had an aptitude for – computers and technology.  In 2013, as my nest emptied, I found that I finally had some time to think about my passions and desires.  The idea of investigating my elusive pottery dream resurfaced. 

And so, my journey into creating with my hands began.

I would classify myself as a functional potter, preferring to create pieces which provide a sense of comfort, of coming home.  That perfect oatmeal bowl or the coffee cup you always grab first thing in the morning.  As I venture further into playing with clay, I will admit that I am starting to dip a toe into the more whimsical/sculptural side of things, but I think I will always value creating every day pottery. There is something so satisfying about using that which you have created with your own hands.

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