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Janine Turgeon

PotterMember Since 2016

What I love best about clay, is that if you can dream it, you can make it. I love starting with a lump of lifeless clay and transforming it into something more. I have an endless supply of ideas. Making pottery is meditative for me. During the process, I am fully in the present, as opposed to thinking about the past or the future. I recall watching my ceramic teacher in high school ‘throwing a cylinder” on the potter’s wheel. I was mesmerized and later hooked when I tried it myself. To this day, my ideas are ever evolving. I rotate between wheel thrown forms and hand built sculpture. I make birdhouses, figures and portrait busts, along with functional dinnerware with an artistic flair. I do not consider myself a production potter, but more of a ceramic artist whose work will always evolve in a new direction.

Featured Work