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Kathy Newell

PotterMember Since 1983

Clay work has intrigued me since I was an undergraduate student during the early 1970’s. I finally took my first pottery class in 1975 at Mudville Pottery in Cambridge, MA. I did my artwork there until we moved to Connecticut in 1979. After visiting several pottery studios here, I found Wesleyan Pottery and began taking classes. I became a Key Member at the Pottery in 1983.

My clay work is inspired by nature. I work both on the potter’s wheel and by hand building. My had built forms are very fluid and spontaneous with imprints of old lace or leaves for texture. Most of my wheel thrown pots are hand carved with designs of flowers, leaves and landscapes. All of my pots are functional stoneware and food safe. My pots are all hand signed and dated and meant to be used and enjoyed for years to come.

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