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Lisa Krall

PotterMember Since 2018

I had always wanted to try working with clay. I took a couple of classes at community centers in Maine then moved to Connecticut in 2000. I eventually discovered Wesleyan Potters through the Annual Sale and started taking classes. I’ve been a member since 2017.

Pretty much everything influences my work. I get ideas when I notice interesting patterns and shapes in nature, vintage fabrics, kitchen tools and hardware items, etc. Also, potters are a generous bunch and many share videos and instructions or teach workshops about processes they’ve developed. I’m inspired by their creativity and inventiveness and enjoy learning from them, letting the ideas sink in, and eventually finding a way to incorporate new ideas into my work.

I make both thrown and hand-built pieces. I like to add texture to my work, using a combination of my own clay stamps and a variety of objects not necessarily intended for clay! It gives a decorative, but also a tactile contribution to my pots. I also add colorful slips and under glazes to a lot of my pots.

I make almost exclusively functional work from table and serving ware to flower pots and candle lanterns. I like making things that someone will get enjoyment out of using.

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