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Patrick Herzing

Potter, Vice PresidentMember Since 2019

Pottery is a hobby that I have dabbled with since high school. I was first introduced to pottery in High school where I worked with clay for a few years before going off to the Army. While serving in the military, I was fortunate to be able to continue my exploration of clay by utilizing an art center in Kansas. When I moved to Connecticut, I got reacquainted with clay by taking classes in Farmington at the Armory, until that studio moved. During the Winter of 2017, I started taking classes at Wesleyan Potters and I became a Key Member in 2019.
My work leans toward the more functional side, with an organic color palette in my use of glazes. I like to experiment with color and overlap glazes. As time goes by, I find myself more interested in making sets when the clay will allow. Control of the clay seems to be my biggest challenge. Most important is the movement of the clay. It is very calming for me, and I often find myself getting lost in what I am doing. It allows me to forget all of the pressure and stresses from a long day at work.

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