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Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all students, key members, staff and instructors.

  1. Courtesy and respect towards each other is expected at all times. Students should contact one of the student liaisons to voice their concerns. Instructors should contact the office or one of the officers.
  2. There is zero tolerance for sexual harassment. The complete sexual harassment policy is posted across from the clay corral.
  3. Discrimination on the basis of gender, age, nationality, race or sexual orientation is not allowed.
  4. Gratitude and graciousness are valued at Wesleyan Potters. Say “thank you” when something good happens.
  5. Wesleyan Potters is your place to practice your craft. Please leave it in good condition for others.


  1. Safety concerns dictate that close toed shoes and shirts be worn at all times and that safety equipment be worn as required by your craft. Loose hair or loose clothing or jewelry must be tied back or removed when using any equipment where it might get caught or catch on fire.
  2. In case of a fire emergency, exit the building.
  3. Know the location of first aid kits, latex gloves and bleach. Use universal precautions. Report to staff if you notice an item in short supply.
  4. In case of serious injury, call 911. Do not move the injured party.
  5. Fire extinguishers are placed throughout the building. Please note where they are in each studio.
  6. Report any hazardous condition immediately.
  7. Because of environmental hazards and distractions to those pursuing their craft, infants, children and pets may not be in work or studio areas.
  8. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas—the loading dock in the front of the building and behind the garage at the back parking lot.
  9. Alcohol is not permitted in the building, except for special events and at a last class of a session when a party is planned and all work has stopped.
  10. Anyone working in the Wesleyan Potters studios understands that working with studio equipment and materials has some risk. Each person working in the studio is responsible for their own safety and will follow safety precautions, such as wearing eye protection and respiratory protection when appropriate. Wesleyan Potters is not liable for any loss, liability, injury, or damage as a result of participating in any activity at Wesleyan Potters. Wesleyan Potters instructors, key members and staff will do our best to teach you how to work safely and endeavor to make sure the work environment is safe.


  1. A clean studio is the responsibility of all. Always leave your work area clean, including equipment, wedging and hand building tables and surrounding floor area.
  2. Liquid spills on the floor should be mopped up immediately.
  3. If you notice broken equipment, please put a note on it and tell a staff person.
  4. No Wesleyan Potters equipment or tools may be taken home or borrowed.
  5. Please use the back parking lot when the Gallery/Shop is open.
  6. Cell phones should only be used in the front hall or outside.
  7. Radios may not be used in the building except for special occasions.
  8. All purchases must be accompanied by a payment slip. Use the mail slot in the front hall if a staff person is not available.
  9. As this is a working studio, we ask that all be mindful of noise levels and use “inside” voices.

General Information:

  1. Tuition is not refundable unless a class is cancelled.
  2. Weather cancellations are first reported on the Wesleyan Potters Facebook page and the message is changed on the answering machine at the Pottery: 860.347.5925. If at all possible, an effort will be made to reach every student in a cancelled class either by phone or by email. When in doubt call the Pottery.
  3. Wesleyan Potters is not responsible for loss, theft or breakage.