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Weaving Student Rules

Bench times are provided when no classes or meetings are in session. It is always best to call ahead to make sure the studio is open.

  1. Do not arrive more than 15 before a class or bench time starts.
  2. Yarn is available only for beginners who are paying a lab fee.
  3. There are some designated books that may be borrowed for one week.
  4. Please do not touch other students’ looms, weaving or materials.
  5. Students may not attend a class for which they are not registered, unless a flex time option is offered.
  6. All weaving students must be off their loom at the end of a class semester.
  7. The last person to leave bench time is responsible for turning off AC, lights and fans.
  8. Only appropriate materials should be used on a loom. If in doubt, ask an instructor.
  9. No food or drinks are allowed in the loom area of the studio.
  10. Any deviation from the code of conduct or rules may result in a fine and/or dismissal from class with no refund.